Jānis Brūns retired in 2017 as a NATO Special Forces captain and since then has been traveling the world, teaching various tools, techniques, and methods that expand human potential and optimize health. 

Just after the retirement, his passion for personal growth led him to form a practice focused on breathwork and trauma release. Forming, leading and organizing a national community he realized the power and effectiveness of breathwork and started to offer international seminars and workshops. 

"I would never think that I would teach other people how to breathe"
- Janis Bruns 

Welcome to life!

These were the 3 words I heard from my teacher as I "woke up" from a deep breathwork experience. I rested on a yoga mat, shaking a bit from the mix of fear and excitement.  I have never felt anything close to that calmness that I was experiencing. My mind was completely still, and I had this sense of peace and trust for everything I was experiencing in my life. I could never imagine that breathing can be so powerful. 

I was still in the Special Task Unit as my life started to make a turn - I started to feel depression, my health became worse and my relationship started to fall apart.  

"Life is hard!", "Just swallow it and fight through!", "Hold yourself together, warrior!", "You are tougher than you think!", "F..k fear!" .. yeah, I got that. These were my former principles of life, but I got to a point where I started to question the sanity of these statements! I asked myself - is this how life suppose to be forever? There must be a way better than this. 

However, my ego was sky high and I was completely skeptic of everything that has to do with "personal development", "mindfulness" and "spirituality". I thought I knew everything and my way was the right way. I thought these people who are into it are weak and don't know what they want in life and that life will rip them apart when the time comes. I thought I was climbing the wall really fast - it turned out to be the wrong wall. 

It all began to turn as I started to do my inner work. It gave me a deep insight into my inner engineering and for the first time in life I could see the truth beyond life situations and manage my emotions consciously. Also, getting to know my mind and body from a scientific perspective made me feel more empowered and in control of my life. This is how I was able to manage my transition with great success. So can You! This is why I recommend you to read this book and come back for more updates. 

Inspire not impress

In the last years, I have been traveling and sharing my knowledge with thousands of people from many places and countries. My goal is to inspire not impress because I believe that everyone is responsible for its own journey. But I can give all the tools, techniques, methods and insights that I applied for myself and that have worked for my clients. Were are not the same - but there are rules that apply to all of us. Take action and read the book. 

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