The Transition Manual 

Successful Integration From The Military Into Functional Civilian Life 

If you are a service member - you will retire one day!

If you have retired already - is your life working out?

Whether you are anxious about the transition or struggling with integration - You can overcome that and create the life you desire! 

There is a stirring number of retired soldiers and veterans who are struggling with integration in civilian life.
  • Intense and difficult feelings like sadness, shame, guilt, grief, anger or disappointment 
  • Financial insecurity 
  • Relationship difficulties due to absence
  • Parenting issues
  • Physical health problems or disabilities
Some of these concerns after leaving the military, makes even the toughest warriors faces go serious. Everyone understands that there are many differences between military and civilian life and the question will be - how good will you be able to handle these differences.   

In this revolutionary book, a NATO special forces officer (ret.) Janis Bruns shares life proven insights about untraditional and effective ways of successful integration. Once being a total skeptic, now - a successful life coach and personal development teacher.  

“There are no soldiers or civilians – there are only human beings and rules of nature that apply to all”. 

This book is not about war stories or finding God within – it is about real-life tools and techniques to harness the potential of mind, body, spirituality and science in order to make every change pleasurable and easy.

In this guide of successful transition and integration you will find:

  • How to use the power of the subconscious mind to overcome the challenges and difficulties of civilian life?  
  • How to become emotionally more intelligent and handle your own emotions?
  • Why it is crucial to heal emotional traumas and how they ruin people's lives if left untreated? 
  • How to heal damaged relationships and connect more deeply with loved ones? 
  • How to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder with ease and restore inner peace?  
  • Effective and powerful breathing techniques for maintaining inner peace and energy
  • How to become free from financial insecurity and attract money more easily? 
  • How to create a meaningful and successful life even if you believe that the military is everything you have? 

and many more topics about how to become a successful human being and improve your wellbeing!

"Every change can be pleasurable or painful – the choice is yours!"

Order your copy The Transition Manual - Successful Integration After Military Service Into Functional Civilian Life and get deep insight to optimize your health, emotions, relationships and create a better life vision!  

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